Schreiende Steinen (Screaming Stones)

21. 07. 2015

Public Sound Intervention

at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


The project “Screaming Stones” took place on 21 July, 2015. It was about sound intervention in public space. When I had participated in a demonstration on Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate before, I had seen the holes on the cobbled floor. Still today the stone is a symbol of the resistance whose have no weapon. I recorded the sound of some demonstrations into small sound devices. Then I have so worked some sponges that they look like stones and hided the sound device between them. If someone would step on the device, you could hear the recorded sound. I put the false stones in the gaps on the cobbled floor on Pariser Platz and wanted to watch what would happen.


stone 1: Demonstration against GMO in USA. “GMO gotta go!”
stone 2: Demonstration about SEWOL-ferry disaster against violent police in South Korea. “Go violent police away”
stone 3: Demonstration in Greece