2015, Germany

3x HD Videos, loop, mute


All miniature videos with Texts about theme “Other Spaces” are oriented in the form and structure of Haiku.


Zwischenraum / Space in Between
HD 01:45
The two persons are in the same place, but we don´t know, how close or far they are from each other.

geschlossener Gesang

Geschlossener Gesang / Closed Rhapsody
HD 02:04
After closing stores a faint light remains inside but it is silent. Outside life sweeps past.

respektvoller Abschied

Respektvoller Abschied / Respectful farewell
HD 01:57
A creator invents two figures with plasticine. But the creator don´t like them and then destroys the world. In this broken world a new being is born.