Saebom Kim

India, 2009

Rotoscope Animation Afro dance

2013,  Germany Animated by Saebom Kim Dancer : Enan

Camel, Dream and the city, that was sunken into the water

2014, Germany 01:41 Director / Camera / Sound Mixing / Editor / VFX / Music Synopsis: A woman follows a camel and a man dreams of a camel. Their stories about camel are merging to one dream.

India, 2009, B&W

Seoul, 2006

Berlin, B&W

Thailand, 2004

Thailand, 2004, B&W

Dance for Night

2010, Korea 21 Min Director / Script / Sound Mixing / Editing Synopsis: After one of fraternal twins died, the other girl ‘ Donghee’ starts to imitate her dead brother. She pretends to be him and meets a boy called ‘Junghyun’. He lost his father and lives with his grandmother. At night he goes out […]


Tag der Trauer(Day of Mourning)

2014, Germany 07:54 Director / Script / Sound Mixing / Editing Synopsis: A man hears a sob of a woman from downstairs in his room. He is curious and it concerns him. He knocks at her door. She invites him to eat. They get to know each other and she tells him why she was […]

Jeonju, 2011, B&W


Schreiende Steinen (Screaming Stones)

21. 07. 2015 Public Sound Intervention at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany Concept: The project “Screaming Stones” took place on 21 July, 2015. It was about sound intervention in public space. When I had participated in a demonstration on Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate before, I had seen the holes on the cobbled floor. Still […]


2015, Germany 3x HD Videos, loop, mute   Concept: All miniature videos with Texts about theme “Other Spaces” are oriented in the form and structure of Haiku.   Zwischenraum / Space in Between HD 01:45 The two persons are in the same place, but we don´t know, how close or far they are from each […]

Die Aufeinander gelegte Zeit(The overlapped Time)

2013, Color When I think about ´love´, there are pieces of memories. While I love, I also remember these pieces. Smells, voices, gestures, mood, gazes, talks, smiles, laughs, cries… Not only when I love someone, but also the moment. And then these pieces are overlapped. It´s like a collage of impressions. Die Aufeinander gelegte Zeit(The […]

Gobang – The objects, that let us remember

2015, Germany Experimental Docu Series 6 Films Synopsis: There is a Korean poem entitled “Gobang” by Baek Seok. “Gobang” was formerly named in Korea “the storage room”, where people could store extra food or unnecessary household. The poet thinks back to former times with the objects in the “Gobang”. An Identity is formed not by […]

Germany, 2012

Jeju, 2015


Busan, 2015

digital Texture of city


2015, Germany Collaboration work for the fashion show of Susi Hinz   Animation / Sound Mixing: Saebom Kim Drawings: Susi Hinz   – Fashion show 17. 10. 2015 Berlin – „SeeFashion 15“ of Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Porto, 2016

digital in ruins

Arcadia Project

2016, Germany Documentary Fiction Synopsis: Each person carries ruin and utopia, both in the heart. For various reasons, people want to escape reality and dream of utopia. Berlin is not only a city, but also one of many intercultural plateaus of the world, where different races live for their own dream. Fabiana, Enan and Boyoung […]